About DTLA

DTLA is the Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator, LLC. DTLA was founded by five companies - Intel Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd. (currently Maxell), Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, and Toshiba Corporation - who are among the world’s prominent innovators in the fields of consumer video, computing, and home networking technologies. The main purpose of DTLA is to administer the licensing of the Specification for the DTCP and DTCP2 content protection technology.

Under the aegis of the inter-industry Copy Protection Technical Working Group, in 1997, representatives of the motion picture, consumer electronics and information technology industries undertook an evaluation of technologies to perpetuate within the home environment protections applied to content when delivered to the home (such as encryption of prerecorded media or conditional access cable or satellite delivery systems). As a result of that evaluation project, in 1998, the five Founders (also known as “5C”) together created the Digital Transmission Content Protection technology "DTCP" – a simple and inexpensive method, affording a high degree of protection, to protect copyrighted commercial entertainment content transmitted over high-speed bi-directional digital interfaces. In 2017, 5C started licensing Digital Transmission Content Protection 2 ("DTCP2"), designed for protection of enhanced image content (such as 4K, 8K, and HDR).

DTLA is a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation.